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Welcome to  our website!

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a look around. We welcome your thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Shree Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple Bradford

If you want to book any programme in Mandir, Kindly contact us at 01274-395603 to leave message;

Mr Baldev Krishen: 01274 307811 or 07840 150251.

For Visit by School/College Group to Mandir, please contact: 

Interfaith Education Centre 01274 439379

Yoga Class every Thursday from 6.30 to 8.00 P.M

Hindi Classes:

Every Sunday time 4:15-6:15 pm, Child age 6 yr and above

 Please contact Smt Dharti Panchal on 07578814787 for more details.

HCS are pleased to offer drama classes for children (5 to 15 years ).

Starting Friday 26th August 2016 and then every Friday. 

5:00pm to 630pm Drama class. 

Main Hall Mandir

For Further Information:

Please contact Mr Ravinder Dharni 07713 485049 or Mrs Indu Dharni 07422 516628

Karate lessons are cancelled until further notice

Ravinder Dharni 07713 485049 Rajesh Bhardwarj 07713 894745


Temple Opening Times from Monday to Sunday 9.00AM to 12.15 and 4.30pm to 7.15 PM

All are welcome to attend following programmes:







February-April 2018 Programmes



13th Feb 2018


Maha Shivratri

7:00 PM-9:00PM

Temple open all day from 9:00am-9:15 pm

Mukhya Yajman Sewa £ 251

Other yajman £11

Contact Baldev Krishenji


17th Feb 2018



Sewa Group


Mrs Daksha and Mr Bharat Patel


18th Feb 2018

Maa Bhagwati Ki Chownky


Followed by Bhojan Prasad

M Sudhir Mangolikar and Family


25th Feb 2018

Holi Celebration at the temple

Phooloki Holi

As in Vrindavan




2nd March 2018

Holi Party




£5:50 Adult

£3:00 Child



10th March 2018

Bhagwan Shree Balaji Abhishekam

9:30am-12:30 pm

Mrs Laxmi







18th March 2018

Maa Bhagwati Ki Chownky


Followed by Bhojan Prasad

Akta Group








24th march 2018 to


25th March 2018




24th March 2018

Ramcharitmanus Akhand Path from 10:00am

Samapan next day


Followed by Bhojan Prasad


Durga Ashtami



Temple Programme


31st march 2018

Hanuman Jayanti



Mrs Renu and Mr Vijay Bansal

14th April 2018

20th April 2018

10th Patotsava



Main Deities Abhishekam on 15th April 2018


More details to follow

Shree Bharatcharitrakatha

And LuvKush katha


Shree Girdhar Gopal Sharmaji



Shree Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple - Bradford

The Queen's Visit

The Queen and Prince Phillip visited the Bradford Temple to inaugurate our new worship hall on 24th May 2007 in the presence His Holiness Sri Swami Gopalsharandevacharya ji Maharaj. The president of Hindu Cultural Society, Mr Baldev Krishen, Mr A P Dharni (Chairman of Trustees) and Vice Chairman Mr S Balakrishanan received and welcomed Her Majesty to the new Temple. It was a very honoured occasion for the Hindu community of Bradford and West Yorkshire. There were other dignitaries and VIPs gracing the occasion including His Excellency Mr Kamlesh Sharma, High Commission of India and local Councillors and MP's. Mr Kamal jit Sharma (Secretary) conducted the welcome ceremony and Mr Subash Dharni welcomed all members. Dr Shakti Dhar Sharma (priest) recited the mantras and welcomed Her Majesty and Prince Phillip with garlands. It was a very joyous occasion for everyone. Click here for more info ..





The New Hindu Temple and Community Centre Appeal

The Hindu Cultural Society of Bradford has engaged in an ambitious project to build a new Hindu Temple and Community Centre on Leeds Road, Bradford 3, West Yorkshire.

The Hindu Community first settled in the Leeds Road area of Bradford in the sixties and now numbers about 7,000 in and around the Bradford district. Since these early days, some of us set up businesses in a variety of fields. We diverged throughout the district and we believe that we have made a significant contribution to both the city’s economic and cultural life.

Many of our children have benefited from the educational system and have gone on to pursue careers in the professions and businesses. As a community, we are grateful to Bradford and the opportunities, it has given us. We now wish to put something back.

We first established our Temple and Community Centre in a disused Social Club on Leeds Road in the sixties. This building is old and requires constant repair and is also insufficient to meet our needs. We embarked on an ambitious project to build a new Temple and Community Centre. These will be separate buildings that will look like a single building. The design of Temple will reflect our cultural and religious heritage, but also reflect the architectural style of Bradford and it will be finished in Yorkshire Stone. We hope that the building will show that we are British Hindus.

The Community Centre will provide facilities for our Elderly Day Care services, educational and cultural activities along with our religious festivals. The Centre will be available for any community group to use. There will be facilities for Football, Badminton, Basketball and Volleyball along with a Stage and Kitchen facilities. We hope to encourage other communities to get to know us and share our rich cultural and religious heritage. Over 2,000 school children visited our present Temple, last year and we will continue to welcome them and other groups in years to come.

Work on the new Temple started in June this year and is now will underway. We hope to start the second phase, the Community and Sports Centre next year. The total c ost of the project will be about £5 millions. Where ever possible, we have used West Yorkshire companies to carry out the work. The main Contractor, Brenville Construction Ltd, is Bradford based.

We have already collected nearly £1 million in pledges, but there is still a long way to go. We are now making appeal to the Hindu Community at larg e and the business community for their help. We hope that our Temple will be a major boost to Bradford’s regeneration and be an important gateway building on Leeds Road to the City Centre. We would be most grateful if everybody can support and contribute financially towards this worthy cause. Should you require any further information to make a generous contribution, please contact us.

About Temples

Temples or Mandirs (abode or dwelling) or Devalaya (abode of God) play central role in the lives of Hindus. They attract the follower to a place that is considered to be the ‘Kingdom of God’ where one can see God, render service to Him, learn about Him and associate with His devotees so as to make the path home, back to Godhead easier.

The unique feature of the Vedic (Hindu) teaching is that it can be applied, with the guidance of a spiritual teacher, according to time, place and circumstance. Temples in the West have adopted this same approach without loosing their essential function. Besides solely being the place of worship, they also accommodate recreational and social functions.

The first Hindu temple in Britain opened in late 1920s near Earls Court, London, and functioned for about four years. Over 20 years later a ‘home temple’ with stunning Deities began Hindu worship in North London, which still continues today. But it wasn’t till the arrival of the Hindu community in late 60s and early 70’s that many temples came into existence. They continue to serve the British community with the same spirit of dynamism as the temples in India have done for thousands of years.

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