Deepwali Lights Switching 2018

Deepwali Lights Switching – On Ceremony at the Shri Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Mandir (Temple).

After the inauguration of the Shri Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Mandir by The Queen and Prince Philip on 24th May 2007. The Hindu Community is growing steadily and attracting more visitors from outside of Bradford.

Today the Hindi Cultural Society is happy to announce the Deepwali Lights Switching On Ceremony was a great success.

On 29.09.18 at the Hindu Temple, the Lord Mayor and Mayoress of Bradford, Cllr Zafar Ali and Bishop of Bradford Dr Toby Howarth switched the Deepwali Lights at 7.30pm with other dignitaries attending.

The other guests attending from other organisations were :
Vishwa Hindu Parishad : Ashwin Mistry
Sai Centre, Lidget Green – Mr Narendra Mistry
Hindu Swayam Sewak – Mr HariKishan Mistry
Gujarati Community Centre – Mr Natwar Tatlylor and Mr Mohan Patel.
Hindu Cultural Society – Mr Kamaljit Sharma (Temple President)
After Bhajans (Devotional songs) and Prayers between 5-6.30pm
Speeches were giving by all guests attending on the meaning of Deepawali and the importance of removing Ignorance and bringing all communities and faiths together with better understanding of each other’s cultures and religions.

At 7.20pm all attending had gone outside, into the carpark to witness the lights being turned on.

There was a countdown from 10 -1 and the lights were switched on with great joy, excitement and enthusiasm at 7.30pm.

We also had Dhol (Drum) player, Suraj, from Punjabi Roots Academy, to liven things up in the carpark.

After the Switching on ceremony food was served by volunteers inside.
Pictures Attached From Deepawali Lights Ceremony. The actual Deepwali day will be celebrated on 7.11.18