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Chairperson: Mr. Mukesh Chawla Vice Chairs: Mr. Kamal Sharma & Mr. Ravinder Dharni

Secretary: Mr Rakesh Sharma Treasurer: Dr. Suresh Tailor Managing Director: Mr. Baldev Krishen

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Dear Member                                                                                 Dated – 17th Nov 2020


Due to pandemic and the government restrictions of Covid-19, it was decided in the 11th October 2020 executive committee meeting, not to hold the AGM 2020 at the temple. In the meeting it was approved by the members that the Agenda and Reports are to be posted on the Hindu Cultural Society’s Web Page. The reports are posted on the HCS Web page and are also e-mailed to members whose e-mail address are currently in our database.


The Agenda for the AGM 2020


  • Chairperson Report
  • Secretary Report
  • Treasure Report
  • Religious Co-ordinator Report


If you require a printed version of the Reports , please e-mail on with your name and address.


Kind Regards


Mukesh Chawla




Dear Members

Jai Shree Krishna

It has been an honour to serve the Hindu Cultural Society of Bradford as a chairperson. The committee, as all are volunteers, started working towards their duties. The first festival Navratri in October 2019 was a huge success. Diwali Dinner at Cedar Court Hotel had a great turnout which generated good income for the temple. Thanks to the team who made it possible.

We had visit from Environmental Health Officer to inspect our kitchen and storerooms, advising us how to keep the kitchen clean. The kitchen ladies and day centre ladies played a key role in this and did a lot of work to keep the kitchen up to the required standard. Swami Shri Gopal Ji Maharaj visited our temple.

Just as the temple was getting ready for our anniversary celebrations, the country was hit with a pandemic, thus forcing the full lockdown for 3 months. All the religious festivals and other activities had to be cancelled. As you can all appreciate it has been a rough ride, not able to celebrate Janmashtami, Diwali and our temple anniversary which meant a huge loss of income.

Sadly we lost some of our valuable members, who served the community for a long time, Sh R.P. Johar ji, Sh S.L. Khanna Ji, Mrs Tripta Lakhanpal and Mrs Nirmla Sharma (wife of late Sh Hari Krishan Sharma Ji).

My Thanks to the team who have worked hard to get the grants, thanks to all the ladies’ groups who have been raising funds for the temple. My thanks to all volunteers. Finally, we pray to Lord Krishna that soon we get back to normal, so we can see our temple in full flow again.


Mukesh Chawla




Dear Members

Jai Shree Krishna

It gives me great pleasure since being appointed the Secretary of Hindu Cultural Society Bradford back in September 2019, to present my first annual report. This year has proved to be both difficult and challenging for the society, but I would like to firstly thank all our members for your support and understanding.

I am very thankful to Vice Chairperson, Mr Kamal Jit Sharma and committee member, Mr S Balakrishnan for bringing a settlement to Mr Gian Singh’s, (our elderly day centre driver) court case. Originally Mr Gian Singh was demanding £40,000 for unfair dismissal, but with solid proof and arguments by Mr Kamal Jit Sharma and Mr S Balakrishnan the case was settled at £500. Both Mr Kamal Jit Sharma and Mr S Balakrishnan prepared the case, arranging all the legal work and attended all the hearings. I am very thankful to Mr Kamal Jit Sharma and Mr S Balakrishnan for all the hard work they have done to resolve this case against the mandir.

I would like to thank our Treasurer, Mr Suresh Tailor, for helping me to carry out the duties as a secretary. He is of great help and contributes a lot to the Mandir through his efforts.

In March 2020, the COVID 19 pandemic began and we were forced to close the temple completely and all the other activities. It was until the 4th of July 2020 when the government announced the partial opening of Places of Worship. We took all the necessary precautions to ensure that devotees could safely enter and pray at the mandir such as, deep cleaning, enforcing social distancing rules, displaying label on the floor and wall. We also added hand sanitizer when entering and taking everybody’s temperature.

In October 2020 we finally managed to start our new building project which will consist of a downstairs kitchen, an upstairs two-bedroom flat and levelling of the soil in the basement. This project was originally planned for a few years, but this year we manage to start the project. We are hopeful that this new building will be complete by April 2021.

I like to thank all the committee members who supported and aided me in this difficult time. I would also like to thank all the ladies of Ram Bharosey group, Sewa group, Ekta group and IWCUK group for organising Sunder Kand Paths, Mata Ki Chownki’s and other functions to raise funds for the temple and for our new building project.

Lastly we regret the passing away of our members Mr Rajinder Pal Johar, Mr Sardari Lal Khanna, Mrs Tripta Lakhanpal and Mrs Nirmla Sharma. Those members did a lot for our temple and we will dearly miss them.

Rakesh Sharma




Dear Members


Since the last election of the committee in September 2019, the temple was very busy till March 2020, with lots of religious programs and also devotees generated lots of income for the mandir by doing Sundar Kand paths, Mata KI Chownki’s and other religious programs.

Many devotees organised Mata Ki Chownki’s to celebrate their special days, like Birthday’s, Wedding Anniversary’s and other special days. Their names are : Dr Raj Aggarwal, Mr Joginder Passi, Ram Sawroop Family, Mr Kewal Krishan Kaushal, Ram Bharosay Group, Mr Kuldip and family, Mr Jatinder Kaushal and family, Ekta group {Mr Raj Singh Rana and family (Mukhay Yajman)}, IWCUK Group. Thanks to all the devotees for organising the Mata ki Chownki.

Sewa Group organised Sunder Kand Path every month to raise funds for the new building.

Our devotees also did Shri Venketshwar Abhishekam every month. I am very thankful to all the people.

Our Diwali program was also highly successful at the temple. Around 1000 people attended the Sunday program and the Lord Mayor of Bradford attended the Sunday program.

Karve chowth in 2019 was also successful, as lots of ladies come to listen to Katha by our priest Hari Das ji. In 2020 due to Covid-19 we were restricted to number of ladies who can come at a time to listen to Katha, But our new priest Shyam Nath ji did the katha on Zoon and as well in Mandir.

I am thankful to Mr Tarsem and Mrs Sarojini Bassi and family for organising Havan and Bhojan Prasad on 1st January 2020. On that day Mandir raised £1741 in donations, Thanks to Mr & Mrs Bassi and family.

Devotees also organised Sunday Kirtan. The temple was busy every Sunday with families doing Sunday Aarti.

I am thankful to Ram Bhorsey Group for doing Kanjak Pujan and raising £1111.00 for the temple.

Other people also organised weddings, Lohri and other functions in the temple.

Thanks to everyone.

Baldev Krishen

(Co-ordinator of Religious sub-committee)