About Us

The Braford Mandir is a Hindu Temple on Leeds Road in Bradford. It is the oldest place of Hindu worship in West Yorkshire. The temple, which started out with just a handful of families, now attracts some 2000-3000 worshippers. The temple is attached to a community centre which provides hot lunches for elderly people, religious education classes, cultural activities and mother tongue classes.
The purpose of this web site to provide information of the religious services, educational classes, events and festival celebrations that are held at Bradford Mandir along with a description of the various features of the mandir. We’ve also included a brief introduction to Hinduism.
When coming to the mandir everyone is required to take off their shoes before entering. Everyone is expected to be sitting down together on the carpeted floor in the prayer hall. The mandir provides the environment for people to meditate and reach out to God. During service the mandir encourages the devotees to participate by singing bhajans.

Devotees can book for Sunday Aarti and other religious functions like Mata ki Chownky

For booking functions and information please contact

Mr Baldev Krishen: 01274 307 811 or

Mobile:07448 269 808

 Secretary Mr Suresh Tailor: 01274 570 159

Mobile: 0775 4171 026

The Managing Director Mr S Balakrishnan

Mobile: 07958 550 883

Contact office: 01274 395 603 Between 10.00 to 2.30 from Wednesday and Thursday. Outside these time please use the mobiles numbers above or use the contact form.


  • Mr.Kamal Sharma — Chairperson
  • Mr. Subhash Dharni — Vice-Chair
  • Mr. Baldev Krishen — Vice- Chair
  • Mr. S. Balakrishnan — Managing Director
  • Dr Suresh Tailor — Secretary
  • Mr Mukesh Chawla — Assistant Secretary
  • Mr Narinder Sharma — Treasurer
  • Mr Verinder Dharni — Assistant Treasurer
  • Mr. Rakesh Sharma — Director
  • Mrs Phoolan Baldev Vig — Director
  • Mr R.Dewedi — Director
  • Dr Hridesh Gupta — Director
  • Mr Rajesh Bhardwaj — Director
  • Dr Surendra Pratap Singh — Director
  • Mr Ravinder Dharni—— Director
  • Mr Ashok K Nair —– Director
  • Mrs S Gupta ———– Director
  • Mr Deepak Sharma ———– Director